A round robin story featuring thirteen Substack fiction writers (including me!)
Father And Son Conversations • How Deep Is Your Pool? • Garden Horror • The Secret Weapon
The Assignment
Why do people love it so?
Instinctive Behavior In Elephants • At The Park • My Day With Elon Musk
Starting A Whistling Club • One-Eyed Pirates • Art Is Good For The Soul • Giraffes, Monkeys, And Wrestling
I Need A Hobby • Laziness • Pierre Finds Fame
How Getting Beat By A Tortoise Made Me A Better Hare • Bird Regrets • Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands
Why Don’t They? • Train Station Attendant • Dear Mr. Tumblebelly
Oops! • No Thanks I’ll Walk • What Fashion Models Think About When They Are Posing
To make them 1000 times better