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Mark Starlin Writes! is the home of my newsletters, serials, and novels. There is both free and paid subscriber content.

“If you’re not already subscribed to Mark Starlin’s newsletter, just read this one all the way through and you’ll see why I’m obsessed. It’s imaginative and absurd and the most original thing you’ll find on Substack.” - Elle Griffin, The Novelleist

Here is what you get as a free subscriber:

Monday Morning Mark 

A humor, fiction, and creative writing newsletter published every Monday morning. It usually includes a short humor story, a microfiction story, and a longer story. I may also include a comic, a doodle, a silly poem, or some of my thoughts. You never know. It’s like a surprise package every Monday. 

Baron Britpop Blastfurnace

The first novel in the Baron Britpop Blastfurnace series. It is available for free on this website to all Mark Starlin Writes! readers as a “thank you” for being a subscriber.

Elise Boissonneau

The in-progress second novel in the Baron Britpop Blastfurnace series. This newsletter will chronicle the writing of the second Baron Britpop Blastfurnace novel. A place for anyone interested to read work-in-progress chapters and offer suggestions, questions, thoughts, corrections, etc. I will also post my thoughts on the creative process. I hope it will be an interactive and fun adventure. 

The Elise Boissonneau email newsletter is “opt-in.” You can choose to receive it once you sign up for Mark Starlin Writes! by selecting it in “My Account” from the Down Arrow menu at the top of any newsletter page.

Here is what you also get as a paid subscriber:

The LaunchPad newsletter: All of my new creative writing sent to you first.

You get to read it first. Humor, fiction, comics, and other creative stories. They will all show up in your email first before being launched into the digital world. You won’t have to go looking for my latest writing; it will come to you.

Space Traveler Fargone • A brand new serial sci-fi sitcom.

Space Traveler Fargone was a typical space freighter pilot until he posted some entertaining space logs about his side trips on SpaceBook. The splogs became so popular that his employer, Titanic Galactic Shipping, asked him to do them full time. He got a raise, a brand new ship, and something he didn’t want—the big boss’s niece as co-pilot. Join Fargone and Emma on their adventures in this serial space sitcom. If they don’t strangle each other first.

Space Traveler Fargone is a fun, entertaining story with adventure, action, humor, romance, uncharted planets, space travel, aliens, silliness, drama, and whatever else I can imagine.

This is a long-term project—space is a big place! I will send out new episodes every week on Wednesday. The entire series will always be available on the website for paid subscribers.

And of course, my heartfelt thanks!

If you decide to support me and my writing, I will be genuinely grateful. And, as always, look forward to responding to your comments and questions.

All written by me and sent to you with loving care. 



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