Advice From Old Folks On How To Live Longer • 16

Jesse Sawmill - Age 88

If you want expert advice, go to the experts. If you want to know how to live to a ripe old age, ask someone who is a ripe old age. Don’t ask a green banana about getting old. Ask a brown-spotted, squishy, yellow banana. They know.

The same goes for humans. Look for someone with some character on their face. The more wrinkles, the better. Age spots are wisdom indicators. They tell you, this person has seen a lot. They have been around. They know what it takes to live several decades and still be going strong.

Pay close attention to the smile lines around their mouth and eyes. There are plenty of grumpy old people, but you want to talk to the ones who smile a lot. The ones who enjoy life. The ones who are young at heart. The ones who view life as an adventure.

Those are the best sources of wisdom when it comes to living to a ripe old age. What is the point of living to an old age if you are going to be a Crabby Patty? It’s just more time to be miserable. Ignore those grumpy grands and their negativity. Find a senior who still has a light in their eyes. Who still makes the best of each day.

Of course, you could just read my book Super Useful Tips To Squeeze More Days Out Of Our Meager Human Lifespan. If it was in print. The harsh reality is publishers are not interested in publishing it. They don’t care about the wisdom of the aged. 

If you aren’t trending on social media platforms, you aren’t considered a safe bet. Publishers want a sure thing. A built-in audience ready to buy your latest paranormal, abnormal, informal, shapeshifter, lonely grifter, drifter, undead, lowbred, knucklehead, last chance, set in France, unlikely circumstance, romance.

While a book of unmatched importance about living can’t even get a second look. So you will have to do the hard work yourself by finding those special seniors with the right stuff.

In the meantime, I will share some of their nuggets of wisdom online. Savor each tip. Allow them to soak in and become part of your consciousness. Then incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Here is tip number 16:

If you ever go to a logging camp, and they say, “Hold up this giant tree while I finish cutting the other side.” Don’t do it.

Bravo, Jesse. That is quality, life-extending advice you simply aren’t going to get from some teenage influencer hawking products they don’t care about.